AS 14: Vitt-Sangram – Quiz Challenge

Format for Quizzing Challenge

Quiz Competition Rules

1. Competition is open for MBA students only.
2. Team size is 2; members have to be from the same institute.
3. Combination of 1st year and 2nd year is allowed.
4. No individual can participate in more than one team.
5. Once a team is registered, no change in the team composition will be entertained.
6. Last date for registration is: 23:59:59, 16th January.
7. It is compulsory for the teams to participate in both the quizzes.


1. It will be a league quiz with the following schedule:

  • Quiz 1: 17th January @ 10 pm
  • Quiz 2: 20th January @ 10 pm

2. Each quiz will consist of 20 questions from various fields of finance with duration of 20 minutes.
3. The questions will be shared through email via a password protected file. The mail will also have a google doc link where answers are to be filled. The password will be shared on our Facebook page at 2200 hrs on the day of the quiz.
4. The results and scores of each team will be announced before the start of next quiz.
5. The winner would be decided taking into account the average score of each team after the two quizzes.

Winner – INR 7,000+Certificate
Runner Up – INR 3,000+Ceritificate

To Register for quiz competition click HERE