Arth-Samvaad Presentation Challenge


Arth-Samvaad Presentation Challenge:

As part of the symposium “Arth-Samvaad”, IIM Udaipur is hosting Arth-Samvaad Presentation Challenge.

This competition is the qualifier round for the Finance Symposium, Arth-Samvaad, to be held on 3rd March, 2013. This event provides a unique platform to students to showcase their talent in front of eminent personalities from the world of finance. This challenge has seen overwhelming participation from students across all the elite B-schools in the country.

This challenge is being conducted in 3 stages:

Stage 1

The participants are required to submit a presentation on any one of the following topics:

  • Globalization and economic decoupling can’t coexist.
  • Sustaining growth in uncertain times: Decoupling or Re-coupling?
  • Demographics play a significant role in economic decoupling.
  • Is the effect of economic decoupling same across all industry sectors?

The registrations for this stage have already ended

Stage 2

The qualifying teams for each of the groups shall be asked to make a 10-minute presentation over Skype to the designated faculty panel on 31st January, 2013. Based on this presentation, 8 teams will be selected for the next round (2 teams per topic or as per the discretion of the faculty panel). The qualifying teams will be notified via e-mails latest by 3rd February, 2013. All the teams qualifying for stage 3 will be given prizes worth of INR 2000 each, subject to their attendance in the final event.

Stage 3

The finalists will get an opportunity to make a presentation on their respective topics in front of the esteemed personalities of the industry, at Arth-Samvaad, being organized in Udaipur.