Arth-Samvaad 2014 Theme

Financial Management: Cues for the future

Financial Mgmt

Arth-Samvaad is the flagship event of Finomina – the Finance Club of IIM Udaipur. Continuing the success story of Arth-Samvaad 2013, the second edition of Arth-Samvaad promises an enriching experience through two panel discussions and an inter-college debate challenge. In light of the recent changes in the economic scenario, an efficient and effective management of capital is imperative for the organizations to accomplish both financial and strategic objectives. Such management of capital requires raising and allocating capital efficiently. This can be achieved by acquiring required financial resources from the capital markets and employing good corporate finance strategies. Through the symposium we aim to deliberate upon the synergies that can be derived through effective financial management.

Panel 1 – Capital Markets in India: Infancy, Early Adulthood or Mature?

Capital MktsA well-developed Capital Market is very essential for the stability of the financial system, the efficiency and overall growth of the economy. Capital Markets enable the mobilization of funds between different segments of the economy. In recent years, the capital markets are becoming very global and occurrences elsewhere induce fluctuations in the Indian Capital Markets. These global inter-linkages have expedited the rapid evolution of Indian Capital Markets so that they are able to withstand the shocks to the economy from the global markets and remain attractive to the global investors. One important dimension of the Indian Capital Markets which sets it apart is the composition of its market participants which ranges from retail to institutional investors. Through this discussion we intend to examine the evolution of these markets and their criticality for a successful financial future. Another aspect of the discussion would concentrate on the development of the different facets of the Capital Markets: Equity and Bond Markets.

Panel 2 – Corporate Finance: Does Practice Meet Theory?

Corp FinOrganizations have to take important financial decisions and set consistent financial goals for having sustainable growth. During the times of economic slowdown, there are severe constraints on both demand and supply-side, hence sustainability of the business should be the primary objective of organizations. Such trying times call for action in an increasingly time-critical setting. An organization now has two choices: It can conduct a sound technical analysis on the outcomes of the choices made to test their effectiveness; or it can take decisions based on external factors such as the cues from the markets or the competitor actions.
Through this discussion we hope to examine the preference of an organization and whether Corporate Finance practice indeed meets theory.