Arth-Samvaad 2015 Theme

Financial Management: Rethink

Arth-Samvaad is the flagship event of Finomina – the Finance Club of IIM Udaipur. Continuing the success story of Arth-Samvaad 2013 and 2014, the third edition of Arth-Samvaad Arth-Samvaad assures an enriching experience with immense learning through panel discussions and various inter-college competitions. In tune with previous editions, we plan to host some of the most eminent personalities from the financial domain.

Panel Discussion – Rethink: Decades of Financial Folly: will it be different this time?

India has seen many ups and downs in the financial market. This time with the change of government at the center with complete majority and hence stability, the market has witnessed a sustained euphoria. The Nifty is up some 30% over the last year. Investor’s confidence in the Indian market is on the rise. The IPO market is picking up. PE and VC are showing new appetite for e-commerce industry. Government has opened some of the critical sectors like insurance and defense for FDIs. Much needed labour and tax reforms are on the cards. Government is pitching for the “Make in India” campaign. It promises to boost India’s manufacturing sector and likely to provide more growth and generate employment. All this allude to renewed interest in India’s growth story. Many are optimistic with forecasts like the “mother of all bull runs” and “Sensex at 60000 in four years”. But there have been similar booms in the past which have ended with a bust. The Panel discussion will try to unravel the cause for this euphoria and discuss whether history will repeat itself again or not!


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